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Classical - Kangra - Bihari Sat Sai
Plate 4 - Love Longings  



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How the lovely Nayika conveyed her love longings in the crowded home, where she is watched by her servants and female companions, is illustrated in this painting.

chitai lalachauhain chakhanu
duri ghunghata pata manha
chhala saun chhali chhubai kai
chhinaku chhabili chhanha

"Having first looked at me with greedy eyes,
Hidden behind the hem of her veil,
And then, craftily touching her shadow for a moment with mine,
The graceful maiden now walks away."

Love is often expressed by signs and symbols. A woman, overpowered with love expresses her desire by casting side long glances, scratching her ears, or touching her ornaments. According to the Natyasastra, the indications of love in a well bred woman are: "She looks continuously with blooming eyes, conceals her smile, speaks slowly with a downcast face, gives reply with a smile, and has throbbing lips."