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Classical - Kangra - Bihari Sat Sai
Plate 6 - Quest for Her Lover in Moonlight  



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Radha who goes out to meet her lover in a moonlit night is called the Suklabhisarika. She dresses in white to conceal her presence. This painting is an illustration of the following dohd of Bihari in which he describes the beauty of Radha, who goes out on a bright moonlit night to meet her lover, followed by her maidservant.

juvati jonha main mili gai
nainka na hoti lakhai
saurdhe kain dorain lagi
ali chali sang jai

"The young maiden was so much like moonlight
That walking under the shining moon,
she became invisible.
Her companion was only able to follow her
Guided by the fragrance of her limbs."

The verse is also translated as:
"Radha went out in the moonlight, in the light of the white soft moon, wearing a white robe, to meet her Lord. She thus concealed herself in white, and roamed as the light itself in search of Him."