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Classical - Kangra - Bihari Sat Sai
Plate 9 - The Enraptured Lovers  



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Radha and Krishna are looking at each other enraptured. Radha's companions, standing in the courtyard of her house, are watching them. Describing their condition, one says to the other:

dithi barata bandhi atanu
chadhi dhavata na darata
itahin utahin chita duhunu ke
nata laun avata jata

"Looking at each other from their respective attics,
Their constant gaze has, like a rope,
Tied the two house-tops upon which their hearts
Are running to and fro like fearless acrobats."

In a Mewar painting on the subject, both the house-tops are shown joined by a rope, on which two acrobats are walking. This Kangra painting differs in the sense that it suggests more than it represents. With restraint and simplicity, the painting successfully communicates the delicate feeling of love.