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Classical - Kangra - Bihari Sat Sai
Plate 10 - The Village Beauty  



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In this painting the beauty of a village girl, guarding a paddy field, is depicted. A willowy maiden is keeping watch on the field. A mauve fillet is covering her head and a garland of flowers enhances her beauty. The large boulders to the right are very characteristic of the Kangra Valley, and are not seen anywhere else in the Western Himalayas. The paddy field, which is in flowering stage, is protected by a hedge of euphorbia. There is a channel in the fore-ground, irrigating the field. This painting bears the impress of the characteristic landscape of Kangra. It is thus that the poet describes the beauty of the maiden:

pahula-haru hiyain lasai
sana ki bendi bhala
rakhati kheta khare khare
khare urojanu bala

The Messenger to Krishna:
"A garland of water-lilies adorns her breast, And flowers of sane hemp bedeck her forehead; Thus standing, that lovely damsel, with elevated bosom, Keeps watch on the field."

In the verses of Bihari, the beauty of the various parts of the Nayika's body - her eyes, forehead, nose, lips, chin, bust, thighs, legs, and heels are described. On the terrace of the house in the background is Krishna seated with an old woman, who describes the beauty of the girl to him.