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Classical - Kangra - Bihari Sat Sai
Plate 11 - The Lovely Damsel  



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Krishna, followed by two cowherd boys, is standing near the wall of Radha's house, when she suddenly appears. On the sight of each other they are spellbound. Framed by the doorway, she appears like a golden statue. Krishna's eyes are roving over her lovely form. He thus communicates his feelings to his companion.

kucha giri chadhi
ati thakita hvai
chali dithi munha chada
phiri na tari pariyai rahi
giri chibuk ki gada

"My gaze proceeded slowly
To see the beauty of her face.
Having met the pit of her chin on the way,
My gaze fell into it, never to come out again."

A dimple on the chin is considered one of the marks of female beauty. With her lovely face, framed by a diaphanous dupatta Radha is gazing at Krishna. As the beams of the October moon reveal the very bottom of a lake, so her glance shows her innermost thoughts. Suffused with the tenderness of love, this painting shows the elegance and delicacy of Kangra art.