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Classical - Mewari - Gita-Govinda - Series One
Plate 6 - "Madhavika Sri bhagavana krida kare hen."  


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The scent of fresh garlands and intimate bonds of the youthful which enchant even the hermits are the two principal images of the verse. There is of course the refrain, "nrtyati yuvati janena..."

In the painting, Radha and the sakhi are restricted to one corner. Creepers and scented flowers fall over them. The pictorial counterpart of the refrain occupies the center. Krsna embraces one gopi, the others, in groups of three, watch with enchantment. The spiked trees, the blossoming trees are repeated. The artist omits reference to fresh garlands and instead concentrates on the phrase,"munimanasamapi mohana karini."

Kama, hidden amongst the branches of trees, darts his arrows at a narrow panel comprising three hermits who are enamoured by the two standing beauties. In the fourth area several domestic scenes are recreated to evoke the mood of Spring. The colors are vivid, along with an effective use of white. The movement of all the branches and the foliage is directed to the right, thus suggesting the blowing breeze.