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Classical - Mewari - Gita-Govinda - Series One
Plate 8 - "Sri Jayadeva... kalyana he vistaro."  


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The mood changes and once again the poet reminds us that the mysterious love play of Krsna is wondrous and divine. The benedictory verses of each of the prabandhas serve this purpose of taking the reader to the mood of devotion and prayer. The artist manifests a keen perception of this change of dimension and mood.

Radha and the sakhi sit as elsewhere in one corner. Hari is again seen many times, embracing gopis. Jayadeva sits with other poets recitng the poem (whoever hears this poem attains perfection). The tiny boat, with a solitary figure, is the pictorial motif for this perfection, attained through repeating the name of Hari. The domestic scene with a man, woman and child portrays the phrase 'kalyana ... vistaro' of the Hindi text. An aura of peace, calm, and fulfilment permeates the painting. The colors are soft and delicate. The expression of all figures devout and the mystery of the song reverberates in line and color.