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Classical - Mewari - Gita-Govinda - Series One
Plate 10 - "Candraka caru... mana smare hain."  


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"A circle of peacock plumes
caressed by moonlight
crowns His hair.

A rainbow colors
the silken robes
on His cloud-dark body."

The pictorial composition is based on a clear-cut demarcation of the area of Radha and the sakhi and of the rasa of Krsna with the gopis with the descriptive details of coiffure, of moonlight falling upon plumes, and of rainbow colors on his silken robes. The artist draws the peacock feathers and plumes carefully but does not attempt to depict moonlight. Instead, he places the group agamst a luminous surface, suggesting moonlight. No trees nor lush forests appear in the background. The rainbow colors are suggested by the color scheme of the total picture, but not in the dress of Krsna.

The rasa and the figures of Radha and the sakhi are repeated. The rasa, however, is not repetitive. Here Krsna stands in the middle and gopis surround him. They all hold one anothers hands with extended arms. Some face the center and others have their back towards it. The closed feet of a few, and broad strides of some others, convey a sense of movement. The accompanists stand in a row and comprise a clapper, a vina player, and a mrdanga player. A tall palm, with an entwined creeper is situated between the group of dancers and the accompanists.