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Classical - Mewari - Gita-Govinda - Series One
Plate 21 - "Stanavinihita... harina nara rahe na sahe."  


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The sakhi tells Krsna:
"Radha suffers from your desertion.
The necklace lies heavy on her breasts.
She is frail like a wasted branch of a tree,
Who cannot bear the weight of the deer who climbs on it.

The artist takes his cue from two key phrases, 'harinudaram' and 'krsatanuriva.' Radha sits in an arched bower with six garlands hanging overhead. She no longer wears a network of necklaces. Now besides a choker, she has a heavy necklace with a pendant. She is reflective and her gaze is fixed on the deers who climbs the frail branches. The foliage is dark, with just a little shimmer of moonlight. The sakhis who accompany Radha are also in a pensive mood.