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Classical - Kangra - Bihari Sat Sai
Plate 3 - Stay With Me, My Love!  



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The cool and rainy month of Savan follows the hot month of June and is a favourite of lovers. It is the month when the ocean of passion is at high tide. The sky is covered with dark clouds, against which skeins of white cranes appear like a garland on the neck of dark Krishna. The lover is ready to go out on a journey and is sorely afflicted. With devotion and loving entreaty, she implores him to stay with her and not leave her alone in the delightful month of Savan. When He does not agree she expresses her resentment.

bama bhama Kamini
kahi bolau pranesa
pyari kahata khisyata nahin
pavasa chalata videsa

"Don't call me your beloved; call me instead a shrew.
Going away to a far off land in the month of rains,
You should feel ashamed at calling me sweet-heart."